Partners Program.
Prose Partners are an elite group of our most talented poets, writers, storytellers, and workers of words. If you love literature like we do and think you have what it takes to be a Prose Partner, please apply here.
- Partners must show a masterful command of language and grammar.
- Partners must be committed to producing quality content.
- Partners must engage often with the community. (This will benefit you, and your book sales, as well as the entire community)
- Partners must use their Social Media linked via Prose to promote their books and Prose itself. (This too will benefit you and your book sales, as we will repost where possible)
Challenges: Challenges are writing prompts to spark the imaginations of our authors. By default, challenges are only visible to their creator's followers. Partner challenges are visible to everyone.
Spotlight: The Spotlight is the limelight of Prose. It's the best of our best pieces, featured front and center on the homepage. Partners help us put the best pieces in the Spotlight.
Monetization: Partners can monetize their books and posts in a highly flexible way. Whether you want to publish a book chapter-by-chapter, sell a completed book at a flat price, or set a price on a short story, Prose has you covered.