The Ultimate Road Trip

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Two men went looking for America,
and headed out that fateful day,
for a cross-country ride.

Gliding along the open,
highways and byways,
in what used to be,
a helluva’ good country,
they went searchin’ for truth,
and lookin’ for freedom.

They found neither,
cause talkin’ bout being free,
and actually bein’ free,
are two different things.

Don’t tell anybody,
they’re not free,
cause they’ll kill you,
to prove they are.

Instead these two,
counterculture outlaws,
found something more valuable,
than the name of a country.

They found people with names,
that were real Americans.
Still, it was no Easy Ride,
cause it increased their paranoia.

It was like lookin' in a mirror,
and seeing a police car.
And like all good soldiers,
they died in the end,
for what they believed.