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If only you were as subtle
As a piano concerto on a quiet night
Maybe then we could talk and speak of love
And speak of things that bind us together
Instead of setting us apart. I want to feel
Your heartbeat resound in my ears
But all I feel
Is your anger on my skin
And the words which tear us apart
Imprinted in neurons that cannot forget
And the heart that keeps on loving
Even if it is destroyed in the chemistry
And the pallor where your touch
Makes the blood run still

Is this even an embrace or do we suffocate
In boundless love, nearly parasitic in intensity
In vivid hatred, almost brutal in its nature

If only I could find words
Able to break your monologue
Words to tell you that this connection
This attraction that brought us together
However briefly,
Is what may destroy us if we move
Any closer. If we fall further
In love with this contorted, twisted love
Because you know, even if still unaware
We are equal. We were made equally
In heart and bones, we were shaped
On the same anvil
Were both born out of fire and then
Beaten until strong
We are equal but opposite.
The consequences are for the both of us
Because when equal opposites meet in the plane
Of physics through which we all must move
Uniting matter and antimatter in a moment’s kiss
Both are inevitably destroyed in annihilation
And all that frustration will be gone, so swiftly
Because it will be as if we, as if this love,
Never did exist