"I Wouldn't Wish This on Anyone!..." (Devin's Diary)

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All day, sweat on my neck, sweat on my ass, and my bones practically shaking out of my twitching skin.  That's what I get for quitting smoking and dieting on the same day.
Adding to that, my girlfriend, Nancy, just booted me to the curb.  

So anyway, I was standing over my kitchen sink, staring at a wet knife, and moping about how I wasn't gonna fall asleep next to the comfort of Nancy, or probably anyone else for awhile. 

Misty-eyed,  I wandered over, through the living room, to the front door, and stared out of the front porch.  

I felt like a island, marooned in the South Pacific.  Who would ever find me, but dead fish, and washed up algae and bones?  

Out of the corner of my eye, I saw a mother, and daughter holding hands awkwardly as they ascended the mountain of my street.  The gas station was at their backs, and it looked pretty with the sunset streaming behind them.
I tried to check the mother out more.  She was wearing an Amish Prayer Cap that almost completely disguised everything.
She seemed to have a limp of some sort that made them shuffle at a strange pace.  

Slowly, as if through an hourglass, they passed a street sign, and some topiary animals that looked like lions and sheep.  
When they passed Judd Henderson's impressive metal yard art of a man holding a bouquet of flowers, across the street from my house, I realized that the little girl's eyes were missing.  

I fell back into the house, and then shot back up to see what was the deal with this duo.  The little girl was staring at me from across the street.  She yanked her mother's dress, and shuffled towards me as her mother's head whipped around.  I tumbled to the ground in fright!  Crawling on hands and knees, I peeped out the window in the door again.  The mother and daughter were gone.  

Suddenly I heard a crash in the kitchen as a window shattered!
I bolted upstairs to the bathroom, and I've locked myself in.  

Thankfully, there was a hammer and nails in here.  I don't know what those things out there are, but after listening to my cat die a long death, I know they're of another breed. They've been trying to tunnel through the door by biting at it, and soon they will succeed!  I've pried the bathroom door open, and I'm going to jump if they're anymore closer to breaking in.  

Holy shit!...Oh God, I hear the wood cracking, and things that looks like fingers are starting to emerge from a hole they made!...

Out the window I go!...Wish me luck!...I wouldn't wish this on anyone....

Bunny Villaire