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We were born as dragons
Learned to fly
The hard way - 
Thrown out of the nest
Falling to our deaths until
We realized we had wings
And the sky was our possession

We were born as dragons
Something in our blood
Makes all we say catch flame
We live as a fire
We love as a flame
Distilled concentration focused to reach
A new, yellow glare of intensity

In a moment
We flare out of love for life
Blinding you as lightning striking
And watching us you cannot breathe
In a moment we will flicker and
The light goes out.
We live as a flame
We love as a fire
And when we die
We go flying to follow
Wherever the smoke goes
But until then
Our hearts are fuelled on flames
That burn brightly, brightly
As a thousand suns and moons
Lined up in a glowing sky
And nothing and no one
Can hold us down 
Or stop us on this flight.