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Displaced in time
And lost in space

I wanted to be
Without ties
A wanderer who goes
Wherever she needs to
Not living to stay
Not staying for love
Not anchored by blood
The ties of the family

But away from society
It's harder to hold on to
Identity; I become
A voice without words
A face without expression
A worker without goals

Achieving the inverse
Of what we wanted, in reality
When we are rootless and nothing
Holds us back from leaving
No one asking us to stay
No one to say they need us
No one to make us feel centered
Having arrived at home

Nomads, travelling
Casting trails in dust and growing shadows
It is not leaving a place that pains me
It is travelling alone
The cities are full of stayers, 
Those who have found reasons
To stay for, while I go
Wondering where they are
The nomads with whom I belong
And why we cannot be
Together as we move around
Unanchored but connected
The only ties 
The ties between each other