To Hansel and Gretel

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they leave little crumbs
along the path in the woods
and if they started
in the daylight
persistence never wore off
even till it’s dark and freezing
and the depths of the night
unleash terrors, urban rumors
haunting, daunting
victims of the past

they leave little crumbs
to this day, this hour
through every starless, moonless night
wild wolves abound, birds eat
remaining morsels trailing behind
they keep counting steps, shadows
playing tricks, seeking colors
stale bread, muddled, stick around
blocking the way from time to time
the bread’s baked in heart and mind

they leave little crumbs
even after near-death encounters
sweet gingerbread lingers on lips
they remember, they still wander
slipping crushed pieces
to mark forbidden forest grounds
with a map to another
lost together, alone together
whatever it takes to stay, though away,
the twins always find their way