12 Days to Fall in Love

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My eyes were a foggy window shield pretended you were my wipers. You were a master of song that strung lies of love played a pipers fiddle. Through a kaleidoscope I saw a genuine lover holding too tight to a riddled undiscovered man, cursed with memories of sin from his own hands. Broken finds broken, in the law of attraction proves a perfect match. Ice thaws quicker in miserable company amongst addicts in the strawberry patch. Seducing smiles lay the direction straight to hearts free way from wishful thinking ride. You ran into me like I was a deer in the headlights. Frozen in the time I thought you held me near and dear to your heart. It was just a snow globe dream as you played the part of winter gleam; and so I forgot that seasons change. Reasons arrange the desires from needs and just like that I'm out of a snow globe dream. A Fantasy that seemed the be known for reality. Nothing but lovers play. You won my heart with cheating rules of the game. So I wrote you a poem, enjoy your fame.