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I am light refracted
Many ways
Broken in colors
United in white
But it's only me in control
Of what you see whenever
You choose to look at me

Sometimes I wear camouflage
To blend in with the crowd
And though you'll look you will not see
Me in all reality, but just a weak reflection
Of the spectrum I keep

Sometimes I am vibrant blue
Waves of energy radiate
And this light is the fuel
That sustains my dance beats

And when you let me down
I am stretched out, decelerated
Waves of almost infrared
Yet I hide my lethargy
In ruby and in crimson

But when I find acceptance
In your eyes I might just shift
Metamorphose into the realm
Of gamma rays where all is clear
Ecstasy of white light leaping
And where only things immune
To all that vibrant radiation can
Maintain themselves despite the storm
Despite the photons' fireworks

Anyway, I do not long
Too much for ultimacy
In gamma dancing
Likewise, there is no use
In fearing the degrading
Infrared destruction
Of perceived happiness.
Because to maneuver in subtility
Choosing a color that's visible
To your eyes simplifies
The way in which you see me
And the way that I perceive myself
Binding me down to Earth
Shading myself in tones of quiet  
Humility and modesty
And when we beat the books
Of karma and samsara
Maybe then we can surpass
The white light colors all together
Maybe then we can be simply
True and purest energy