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Dear diary, 

     Before yesterday, I never was one for conventions like the start of this diary. I used to think: Why do we say dear diary? What is it that a diary contains that makes our memories so dear? 
     I think I've finally begun to understand. 
     Yesterday the disease had finally begun. Our government had said not to worry. It was only one incident of the disease. But I've seen all the movies about the undead. I've seen the horrors that those people had to face. But the difference was that I used to think those horrors only happened in movies. Extinction. Apocalypse Those words have become increasingly terrible. And increasingly relevant. Will we actually be okay? My baby sister finally learned how to walk. She's going to need it I know once "the Contaminated" begin to attack. So far they have been contained but I know how nature works. However, I can only guess how nature ends.
     Isaac Newton so many years ago had created this concept. This concept that things tend to stay the way they are. Inertia. An object in motion stays in motion. Now that this object... this object, known as the Z-Virus, has begun, who knows when it will end. 
     I hope that one day my sister remembers me. Remembers me if I perish to this virus as well and for this reason and this reason only, I am writing in this journal. This dear diary. 
     See you soon... hopefully.

K. D.