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Everything was — everything was gone. Yes — yes, everything was gone. Mother, Father, Milly, and Brandon were all gone. Uncle Jamie and Aunt Barb were gone. Oc — Octavia was gone. Everyone, no one was left. It was just me now. Just me and and an endless plain of black. Just me and this emptiness. Whatever this emptiness was. There were eight billion people, eight billion, and every single on of them was gone, it was just me. There were billions of animals, each and every one of them gone. Nothing was left. No food, no water, no shelter. Heck, would I need any of that wherever I was. It seemed like I was floating on nothing, there was nothing below me, nothing above. A single gray dot could be seen in the distance and I realized I was already treading towards it. It could be hours before I reached it, who knew how time worked here. There were no scientists to examine this place, no writers to make up worlds here. No inventors, no teachers, it was just me. The more I said it, the more I felt it, the weight on my shoulders that seems to push me down. The gray dot in the distance grew bigger and bigger until the shape was visible. It looked like — no it couldn't be — a gun. I ran, but no more speed was gained. Finally I reached it. I bent down and felt the cold metal against my hands. I held it out testing the weight in my hands. It would be so easy, so easy to end it. There was nothing here, there was no purpose being here. Then, without another moment of hesitation, I brought it to my head and shot. The world around me disappeared fading to white.
I opened my eyes, blinking, and saw their faces... all of them.