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- Reading between the Lines –

…It’s the Passion,
It’s the Crime,
It’s the Rhythm,
It’s the Rhyme…

Words can speak images in volumes it’s said,
Not actualizing ‘till actually read.

Grasp onto my hands and raise us up swift,
Should I let us down, provide us a lift.
Save our poise from poison and shield me when,
I expose my soul every now and then.
Reflect my aura if I incur chagrin,
Maintain my value if they maintain a grin.
Amaze and amuse the masses before me,
Scheme up a rhyme and then have them adore me.
Multiply with me my expressions to be,
Letting energy flow from my Cells to Chi.
Help me interpret these dreamlike creations,
Parley my visions on verbal foundations.
Empower me when all eyes are upon us,
Trickle off my tongue like wine upon stardust.
Feed me when my esteem becomes meek,
Offer me hope should our Earth grow weak.
Make me believe in potential as prophet,
Prove those who believe shall always have profit.
Become the Fluid in the roots of this tree,
Quenching the yearning of my leaves if thirsty.
Should this be the end, and it’s just you and me…
Let me thank you, my poem, by writing ‘merci'!
For the more I grow, the more grounded I’ll be,
Hence humble and timeless, whilst at your mercy.
So I beg as your servant, hear my last plea,
Bestow me the words that allows them, to see.

Copyright © 1986-2017
Alan Salé
All Rights Reserved
contact: AASalehi@gmail.com