Spirits, egos, home and hope

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It's the same after years of downpour.
Through thick and thin not a door or crack has changed.
Counting sins these hinges remained the same.
Now my kin have to fight to remain in place...

And I'll fight with them it's my youthful spirit.
I've been rebellious since birth, stacked my closet with curses.

If anything unwelcomed strolls into my home, while I can't pay my mortgage.
Grandma won't leave you alone.
Nobody can have it, so just because its foreclosed.
I'll get back to paying my loans.
I'm in debt but I sure know.

I've been fighting since birth it's my rebellious ego.
I can't let these people.
Destroy my windows and peephole.
Sixty plus year ejected like we've been evil.
Ignored like we aren't people.
Drawn on walls like creole 

Off white tiles called Navajo 
Leases rotate like FIFO
Old kites and microphones 
Bicycles in the garage

Ruga hidden here in some odd place
I forgot it's in my moms vase
Love letters piggy banks
Tons of movies with tom hanks

I can't get rid of all this
I mean who has the strength for it.
I'm losing my memories to unemployment 
But surely they're right here
Nostalgic souvenirs pressuring me
With every stare to never give up my keys

I can't share it's my youthful spirit
All my work to keep the water running, I can't hear it
Since birth I've been up and coming, I can tear 
My baby apart, I leave with no fear
Under hope I'll preserver.

I have 28 days to pay..
Wish me luck.