The Hunt

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Morbidly cold air chills my skin as I awaken in the darkness.

I’m surrounded by pure white snow. And as I look up from my left and to my right I see only evergreen.

Where am I? 

I hear animals in the distance. I tremble and an undeniable fear over takes me, while the full moon reflects off the snow and creates an eerie light that weaves in between the trees painting the ground. The wind forcefully picks up, restricting my breathing.  I slightly pick up my head to find footprints trailed in the snow and it’s clear that I am not alone.

With stiff limbs I attempt to shift. My soaked clothing and frozen body make movement nearly impossible. But slowly I get to my feet and follow the trail.
One uncertain step after another, I stumble until I hear a faint but familiar ring.
The closer I get to the sound I hear a buzz along with it and move quickly towards the familiar annoyance silently screaming for joy. Adrenaline pushes me to a newborn's sprint, nearly falling over myself trying to get to familiarity. It's in a camp fire circle and right there on the other side of the rock is my black berry, red light blinking, and alarm blaring in blood stained hands.

My scream pierces the night, cuts through the air, and rips open the eyes of the red man.

He wakes so fast that I stumble and fall backwards.

“Run,” he says faintly, slowly turning his head to the side. And suddenly whips it back at me and yells "RUN!" His icy stare is lightning striking my body.
Instead of killing me, instantly, it brings me to life and I'm off. Shooting past every tree faster than I can breathe, faster than I can see, I run. My mind doesn't know where it's going but my body does. On autopilot, I make tight turns and slight drops at full speed and take flight.

And then I hear dogs barking behind me that shock me back into the pilots seat. But I don't know how to fly and propel myself right into a rock and tumble down the hill: beating my head, crushing shoulders, slashing knees, and twisting feet until I'm flat on my face at the bottom. And when I finally look up, I'm blinded by headlights. As the memory of that wicked grin flashes. And my world goes black