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The seductive allure of morning coffee beckons a new day
Its wafting aroma magically compels my legs forward
I avail myself to the rising Sun besieging my eyes
I squander this gift by squinting
It is one of my guilty pleasures
So I soldier on, knowing the treasure awaiting my presence is worth any price

For it is the dawn of the first day of the rest of my life
An awakening of all possibilities that still exist
And a grim reminder of the meager time allotted to enjoy them

25000 such incidents an average human is rationed
6700 pass by before I even cared
The tempo of a quickened life rarely equals the heightened anxiety of its impending end

Ignore the terminus
Carpe Diem every nanosecond
Force each moment to prove its worth
Demand more than the pedestrian rate of exchange

Learn where Infinity dwells
Travel there, first class, and add one
And care not, not one iota, should anyone follow you