A Fluffy Dream

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Dreaming is like swimming in a pool full of cotton balls. Very little skill is required. Sometimes I think I am in the olympics, and racing to the other end of the pool, but I flail my arms, but I go nowhere. I hate it, but then sometimes, I'm walking on top of the surface of the cotton balls. I'm weightless. I can fly and not worry about falling. Even if I fell, nobody ever got hurt falling into a pool of cotton balls, but I did hear about somebody that drowned. That would be a real nightmare to swallow enough cotton balls to die, but then what a relief, to wake up and find out, it never happened. 
One time, I dreamed I ate a bunch of cotton balls for dessert. That was frustrating, they aren't even my favorite food. 
One time I woke up, turned on the light and wrote down one of my cotton ball dreams. In the morning I read it. It made no sense. I never did that again.