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What I'm about to tell you will come as a shock, but it is the truth. It's my truth, unfiltered in any way by man, prophet, or son. Here it is — you aren't special. You are but one of my countless creations. I am speaking figuratively as your looks, functions and mannerisms can be quite different. But at your core, there is nothing particular about you that makes you stand out from another.

You, along with everyone and everything else that I’ve created, are an experiment. My goal was was never blind worship as some have written, but rather perfection. In the beginning, I believed my attempts failed because I directly created conscious beings instead of letting it happen organically. I would come to realize, however, that the method of creation was neither cause or effect. I had formed them from the very dirt into which they would ultimately be laid to rest. They were beautiful and perfect. But simply creating perfection had no value; choosing it did. This is where progress stalled.

It’s important that you understand what I mean by perfection in this context. Perfection is to have a self-aware being that maintains an empathetic balance with others and the environment, while pursuing its fullest potential.

My first attempts were generally referred to as Adam and
Eve — I simply called them Version I. They were essentially the same as one another with a few subtle variations. There were many Adam and Eves, each with their own catastrophic ending. All versions and subversions were given the same starting point: a planet within its own galaxy far from all other versions with no possibility of discovering each other, and time.

You are a Version II. The distinction between you and your predecessors was that instead of wholly fashioning sentience myself, I planted a microscopic seed and watched as you, and the countless other Version II’s, evolved into conscious beings. My hope was that if you had earned your existence through billions of years of evolution, perfection would be a natural progression. I was wrong then and continue to be wrong now. I’m currently on Version IV.

Every version since Adam and Eve has ended in the same manner: death and destruction, exploitation of their home, and a complete disregard for each other, as well as other species. The very thing I cannot change is the very thing that continues to doom you all: choice. Free-will can either be the disease or the cure, and the former has so far been your fate. Your potential is limitless but you simply aren’t capable of reaching it before you self-destruct. However, I have made great progress since Version II and am hopeful for their future.

I present this truth to you now, as I have done with every previous version, because you have passed the tipping point and knowledge of my existence now matters not. There is nothing that can be done at this stage that can save you or change your outcome. The inevitability of your specific subversion is now sealed. While you may not be able to fully appreciate it, find comfort in knowing that you had a purpose. The unique mistakes you made allowed me to keep progressing and improving on later variations, much the same as every version leading up to you. I guess in a way you are special.

With absolute love,


P.S. The duck-billed platypus was not my idea.