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Drowning as you push me under
I cannot find the strength to fight
The weight of the water
And the weak light that shines
Above the surface makes me wonder
Is it not more easy to let go?

There is a song in the waves
That soothes the pain
A calm that comes with dying
An embrace that is more loving
Than the love you gave me
Because your heart was a hammer
Meant to break me with
And breaking I find I cannot breathe
I cannot see, I cannot hear
I cannot bear this pain
The fight to stay here
Is it not good enough
To go down where the ocean's song is played
By musicians who are not seen?
Do I have to conquer
Your madness, my apathy?
We meet in the realm of your insanity
Where you kill me and I let myself be killed
A passive star blinking out 
Of existence without much of a scene
Dying obediently, nearly lovingly
As if to grant your wish is
One final act of affection

But as the light twists
I wonder where you'll go
When I'm not there
Who will hold you back
Who will sing your heart's maniac
To sleep. Who will hold your hand
When you want to kill the crowds
Who will serve you patience
When you wield the destroying hand
Over all that you can reach

But the light strikes what I see
And then I find
Reflection of me
Echo of my mind
Remnant of who I was
And though only caused by refraction
Though darkly and trembling
And running out of air
I reach out and fight
For the surface
I twist and beat
Leaden arms and heavy feet
And the water spins around
But I fight - I might live
Or die in these moments
In this turning light
Under these twisted waters
Under your destructing hands
But if I live
The echo is still in my hearing
The vision is still in my eyes
And while you have crossed the line
So many times you can never be
Anything else than killer
I can be more than I was
Before. I can be more and move beyond
The time I was your victim
And while you may - or may not - 
Kill me in this minute
The echo is safe
The unbroken mind of me
Stays forever free
And stays forever unbroken
And stays forever out of your reach