To Those That Wonder

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To those that wonder
I say to you,
Words sting and burn
They rip and tear,
They eat at your brain,
Slowly ripping at it,
Slowly tearing off chunks and tossing them away,
They destroy your self-esteem,
To those that wonder
Everything you say out of spite
Those that hear it always remember,
Even when you do not.
Evil words are never forgotten,
They sit in your mind stewing,
Then when they finally come to a boil
Rash actions are taken,
Ones that can never ever be taken back
To those that wonder,
Words are to be blamed for all our strife,
Words carry power they are said with,
I say to you think before speaking 
Words speak louder than actions
The right words can make all the difference 
You alone can change what you say
You alone cam also ignore this call
You alone can continue to speak these words
To let them destroy someone,
Let peoples own minds betray them 
Think thoughts of darkness,
Thoughts of evil and malice
Destructive thoughts that divide us,
Separate us and make us feel as if we are not human
But, we are human
We are not freaks or monsters
We are human in the fullest sense of the word
We are kind, we are loving 
To those that wonder
I say to you 
Stop wondering and start acting