The Unknown.

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     People say that there are many unknowns in this vast universe that we have barely breathed in with our souls or have seen with our naive eyes. That there are effervescent caves of massive crystals untouched, paths un-walked, or even infinitesimal atoms that have not been investigated under the blurry lenses of microscopes. But what happens if everything was a lie? What if the norm was actually something programmed into our uncomplicated minds? All these speculations gently flowed through my mentality like a soft soothing waterfall in the middle of spring. I knew I was probably misleading myself, at most even confounding myself. But the strong urge of rebellion coursed through my body, gently gnawing at the back of my mind like the awful aftertaste of cough medicine. All in which I sat at my glossy too-perfect white stained table, fingering a small red plastic heart I had received generously for Valentines Day.
      It wasn't that it was hard for me to believe that I had to abide to all these enforced laws, I just had a challenging time believing these so called Natural Beneficial Covenants would actually benefit our system. I mean at times I could accuse myself for not listening submissively to all these modernized constitutions that the organization conjured up for us citizens, but what happens if the things we knew were not of our knowing at all? At times I felt as if a masked society with an ulterior motive was secretly endorsed in the making of these laws. These people would be specially hired just to sprinkle propaganda and twisted facts into the underlying what seemed perfect government regulations.
      I sighed listening to the soft squeaks of my boots under the marble sidewalks as I gingerly walked out of my house, regretting everything I had just reflected on. Of course the organization wouldn't do these kind of things. I was just some crazy intellectual preteen that enjoyed engrossing myself in the future plans of world downfall. The organization were good people I reasoned with myself, nodding my head slightly as the chemical process in my brain sent neurons to transmit my thinking. The people controlling the organization are genuine I reassured myself, as I kept my eyes locked in front of me. Why else would they be in an organization otherwise? I smiled slightly, it was just my stupid brain trying to be analytical and perceptive. On the inside, I truly knew the organization wouldn't do anything close to what I was thinking. I closed my eyes in a relaxed motion and gave an icy breath into the soft wind, as a frail elbow jabbed me into the depths of my ribs.
      I shot the person an enraged look, realizing that the man was wearing a government official badge. The man seemed rushed and poorly unkempt, yelling into a small rectangular phone the size of a note card as he sprinted into a tall skyscraper. I knew that the proper thing to do would be to brush off the meetup and continue on with my life, but the same tingling sensation of rebellion shrewdly slid through my blood. So I followed the government official to what seemed to be hundreds of tiny intricate and polished stairs until I was led to a dark laboratory buzzing with scientists and organization members. I hid low on the corner of a hallway as images quickly flashed through my mind. Pictures of gruesome tentacled monsters with unproportional heads kept in tight glass tanks snapped into my vision. Memories of scientists dissecting wild creatures and imaginary aliens of all shapes and colors were petrified into my soul. I stood crouched in the hallway my body shivering, as I recalled the first law of the Natural Beneficial Covenant.

Citizens may not learn any extra or unnecessary information. For knowing may lead to harsh discipline and is extremely dangerous.