Carousel Society

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(Artwork by Daniel Loveday : link below)

"Not quite knowing how they got here, 
Humanity mans the machine day in and day out; 
going in the same direction without stopping, 
therefore never realizing it's self-perpetuating, 
this cycle of consumption and the decimation left in it's wake.

More troubling still, 
Humanity's head's down, 
they've got their backs breaking 
into the manned momentum of the machine, 
and while they have a peripheral awareness 
of the carousel they're supporting, 
they never look up and never look out, 
never to see what it's all really about. 

They feel the gears grinding but they don't know why, 
the heat is unbearable but they have to "Get by" 
so, they man the machine and power the Elite.

The Elite hold themselves separate from the rest of Humanity, 
content in collecting their interests and gadgetry, 
living in the excesses of luxury, 
above the heat and grease of the grinding gears of their strategy 
distracting Humanity, 
as if untouched by the set-in-motion inevitability 
it can't last forever, certainly...
Work IS play up here, 
and the Elite intend to be fixed in the hierarchy indefinitely. 

More troubling, 
they represent the worst of the worst in greed, lust, pride, and gluttony; 
akin to the four horseman (War, Famine, Death, and Pestilence) 
perched on the carousel of consciousness-castrating consumerism and conditioning.
What's sin when you're the demi-gods of human society?

And then there's reality, 
even over the heads of the Elite; 
this carefully crafted carousel society 
is in a planetary fishbowl of diversity 
well beyond the nuances of Humanity. 

Tragically, everything the Elite orchestrates 
and Humanity operates manning the machine, 
also effects animal and plant life... 
more and more often right down to extinction. 

It's counter clockwise to the natural order, 
but only Humanity (not the Elite) 
has the power to stop the machine, 
to break it down and rebuild in the spirit of co-existing... 
if only they'd look up and look out, 
if only Humanity would see the big picture of their carousel society...


If you've been following me, you know I'm an Artist. Daniel Loveday is a fellow Artist (new) on and posted in the Vango Community Board asking for a group critique. Specifically, he was asking (or interested to know) if the image meaning came through without a textual explanation. To prove that it does translate all on it's own, I wrote this prose while "reading" his artwork from the bottom up. I loved it so much I wanted to post it here with his Artwork (and he gave me permission). 

Click the link to see the entire artwork (SOOOOO Worth it!!!) on Daniel's Vango Portfolio, or search "Daniel Loveday" [Artists] on the Vango Art App for apple devices.