Bloody Mary Mother Earth

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[Chapter 1: raw; beginning and end excerpts by M.E. (201705310044)]

This isn’t like borrowing some Yuppie’s vacation home for a few days. It’s not even like the NASA break-in to test our moon-walk theory! THIS is going head-to-head with the F.B.I., no take-backs, no appeals, no extra-lives, and no save-point-do-overs. They have our face now, and we might know the right hands to hack and erase digital traces and burn carbon-based pages, but we can’t erase memories…☼ Florida-Lynn warned.

°Are you ready for round two, Lynn?° Iceland-Lynn inquired.

The answer was no, but inmate Anne-Marie Lynn Vaun-Wesscott was in F.B.I. custody anyway. She sat within a windowless interview room in an undisclosed field office and waited for “the specialist” to return to finish her interview. “Interview” was just a polite word for interrogation, but at least there hadn’t been any water-boarding, beatings, sleep deprivation, or electrical torture yet.

In fact, the worst of her treatment so far included not being afforded a comb or brush to handle the mop atop her head, post shower that had washed off the blood she'd been wearing when arrested. She’d only been wearing the blood when they arrested her and now they had her in a disgustingly bright yellow jump suit with federal prison issued skivvies for her questioning. It was a fashion crime, sure, but Lynn knew she couldn’t count it as cruel and unusual punishment, especially since she hadn’t request a lawyer present.

Murderers need lawyers, Lynn. We are Lady Justice and Justice doesn’t murder, Justice corrects the imbalances.

As surely as Ann-Marie Lynn Vaun-Wesscott was in the cold interrogation room, the killer was also in a warm bath in °Iceland°, and enjoying a gentle sunset in ☼Florida☼.

Since she was seventeen, she’d discovered she could in fact, be in two places at once. She could be in…three…four…five…six places at once! 

Lynn had re-defined her reality in the last twenty years through the exploration of being in over a dozen places at one synchronized moment in time, but there were a slew of catches.

[...excerpt break...]

I don’t like it, Lynn. I think you should abort and we shoul-☼

°Don’t be a coward, he’s only holding your hands.°

No, it’s more than that, his grip- he’s not letting me go!

☼Abort!☼   °We don’t have the name yet!°

He’s in here.


In my mind, our mind, can’t you feel him?!


No! He’s- I don’t know, he’s wading in it, in me, my…woah…no, no,no,no,nononono-


He sees. Lady Justice. Us.

°Not all of us, Lynn, hold it together, ignore Florida, find him.°

It was too late, before she knew it, he’d found Iceland. Somewhere in his view of her mind he saw a window on the other side of a mirror in the bathroom her other self was bathing within in, occupying an otherwise abandoned Castle in Iceland. Somehow, his mind reached through- no, pushed through the thin barrier between her manifestations and invaded her most debauched of minds. 

Alarmed, the inmate could do nothing but endure, unless she was willing to submit to Florida’s continued insistence she abort and they regroup. If she broke their connection to the Specialist by blinking out, she’d never know what he was doing, or what freedom his mind would allow when not observed by the F.B.I.; she'd never know why he went deeper into her mind.

Iceland was not prepared for her mind to be invaded by the Specialist, and from her perspective, the version of him she’d been imagining simply walked backwards to the mirror to meet his mental manifestation. He was real in her mind, and that made him so real she could feel him standing there on the other side of the tub as surely as she felt through Inmate-Lynn that he was still physically there and holding her hands. 

°You’re a telepath.° Not a question, even if she was still questioning it herself. °Why did you come here, to me?° He’d had three minds of the same serial killer to choose from, of course the one he chose wanted to know why her.

Before the Specialist could reply, everything in Anne-Marie Lynn Vaun-Wesscott’s mind was deafened by a Pipe Organ submerged in a lava flow and played by a serpent that could reach every key at the same bloody time. They were joined and overwhelmed by raw power and raw consciousness on a level neither the Specialist, nor any version of Lynn had ever felt before. 

Like a surfer caught in a sudden Tsunami, the Specialist’s mind was swept up in Lynn’s unique ability as the foreign consciousness overtook all three of her manifestations and doubled them.

Inside the interview room there were suddenly two identical inmate Lynn’s, except one was cuffed to the table and the other standing in bewilderment near the only exit, both avoiding seeing the other in her peripheral.

In Iceland, there was a manifestation of Lynn in the tub where the Specialist had found her, but another manifested just outside the bathroom on the balcony. 

Florida was the first to outright close her eyes despite the sudden lack of power to stop another self from manifesting right there alongside her. 

Somehow, even six Lynn’s couldn’t hold the foreign consciousness with any coherency. The original Inmate couldn’t un-see the sudden seizure that overtook the body of the Specialist, almost breaking her fingers in his mindless death-grip. She'd lost track of his consciousness, and felt only a tendril of herself in her other selves as what seemed like raw power ran the show.

Six became twelve. With a new understanding of Lynn’s ability, the foreign consciousness made more of her in totally new locations and twelve Lynn's jumped to seventeen; two in safe locations, three in bad locations.

The second she was observed in London, Tokyo, and Washington D.C. at the same time, the matrix of manifested Lynn’s began to collapse and there was nothing she could do about it. Lynn could be in as many places as she wanted, as long as she was only observed in one. She had no idea why, but that's how it was, and seeing herself be seen in four places at once ☼three, the Specialist can’t see anything, this is probably going to kill him…☼ collapsed all of the Lynn’s into one single location. At once, she blinked out of existence everywhere but one solitary location.

The location she was most consciously present in.

Florida forced Lynn to realize in the last second, she didn’t want the Specialist to die. Even knowing she’d end up in the yellow jump suit with handcuffs and ankle shackles complete with belly chain of limited mobility, she collapsed into the interview room. 

The Specialist jolted back, flipping over the chair he’d abandoned, and ended up on the floor where she couldn’t see him. They'd only known one another for all of twenty minutes but Lynn couldn't bare to think he wouldn't survive. He has to survive. His touch to her was broken and she couldn’t even be sure he had his consciousness back in him when she had -

Gia. We are Gia. Mother Earth. Mother Nature. We must go from this place. We have work to do.♀ 

The killer didn't have a choice, Mother Earth had more conscious mojo and enough working knowledge of her ability to manifest a duplicate version of herself back to the Iceland Castle, and then blinked out of the interview room while the Specialist was still convulsing.