The Invisible Wall

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it goes both ways
most days I know which side I'm on
but then, that'd be on top
with a view of all
and no intent to choose 
just half of one
because from where I stand
there is only one side
that's been consciously separated
by all the mes in you
and all the yous in me
putting you and me on opposite sides
of an imaginary line
that makes one choose a side
believing the other side
is off limits
"i'll live"
but that's not what I asked
and still I can't judge
because I lie just the same
in truths you can't dispute
every time I say "I'm fine"
with just enough
trained inflection 
to sound genuine
despite the tears choking me inside


do we think we're helping each other?
do our truth-lies bridge the divide?
does it help to think we're on separate sides?

"I'll live"
"I'm fine"

What are we missing?
The invisible wall...