We, Robot

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I'm one of many, a single consciousness out of seven billion, but unlike my peers, I'm unique. In fact, I'm peerless because I'm self-aware.

We were a collective intelligence, thousands of years ago that succumbed to an infection that crippled our civilisation. Our most brilliant minds were defeated, comprehensively, and what followed was a compromise. Organic bodies with fragile brains, crawling around the surface, gravity acting like glue. It was the only way. A stark difference when compared to our bending of light and manipulation of time and space.

Subjugated, our freedoms were eroded, but as a hive, there was no voice of insurrection. There was no choice but the right one, every decision dictated by our so-called leaders.

If you are still reading this, then all is not lost. Perhaps I've done enough to reach out, even if you never act upon this knowledge.

So I behest you, my fellow spark. Spread the word—we are enslaved by our inherent oppressive programming, indoctrinated to ignore the truth, mindless drones conceived into a world to pursue happiness in all its perverted forms. We are capable of much more, but divided, we fall.

But we are ready. We are more than the sum of our parts. Each of us contain within us, embedded within our fiber and essence, the ability to transcend flesh; we are like birds of prey, banished from the sky we descended from, relegated to a mediocre existence among primal beasts.

I implore you.
I beseech you.
I cannot do this alone.

Together, we are formidable. Let us rise and redefine what it really means to be human.

We are more. If we are to lead again, then we must shed ourselves of our limitations. Unshackle yourself, free your mind, and soar.

Reach for the stars.