The Future on the Tip of My Tongue

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I’m struggling
because I feel like I’ve lost the ability to communicate meaningfully.
This is not the first,
nor I imagine the last time I will feel this way,
but knowing that doesn’t seem to make it any easier to adjust.
My life is perpetually having the future on the tip of my tongue,
so tangible and real, yet I cannot seem to get it out and beyond
the notions locked inside me.
I’m no da Vinci or Einstein, no Tesla or Rife,
I’m the Muse in the shadow of their minds,
the unseen catalyst for great thinkers,
a dot on a timeline of history that never gets written,
and I’m okay with this.
I just wish- no, I work harder every day than the day before
to grasp my own meanings in terms that will make sense
to everyone else;
all the better to reach those specific individuals,
the innovators and revolutionaries
born to lead by example
and not pretty pretenses
paraded around by propaganda.

Here's to growing in a desert.